Sculpture by HRH Princess Louise restored and on public display

Angel - relocated - 2
‘The Angel’ statue carved by HRH Princess Louise, the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria, has been restored and re-positioned so it is now clearly visible within the Resurrection Chapel.
Princess Louise was one of the few women sculptors of the 19th century and by the age of 20 she had exhibited at the Royal Academy. Her most famous work, a marble statue of Queen Victoria at the time of her accession, stands outside the East Front of the palace.
The statue was created for the chapel, as a memorial to two of the princess’s brothers, Princes Alfred and Leopold and reflects the historic connections between St Mary Abbots Church and Kensington Palace; a connection which continues today.
The conservator who worked on repairs to the statue, during the works to the Resurrection Chapel in 2014, pointed out that the drapery and back of the wings are fully modeled and detailed. The sculpture has now been moved within the chapel so it can be viewed in the round, as it was certainly intended, and fully appreciated.
Further phases of work still remain to fully restore the Resurrection Chapel to its former glory:  first the restoration of the reredos and, eventually, the repainting of the ceiling, cleaning the walls and monuments, and re-instating of the tabernacle work to the stained glass windows.

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