On average over 370 people share in our Sunday services, around 20 per cent of whom are under 16; each December more than 9,500 people worship here; in the last five years, we have had 191 baptisms and 93 people brought to confirmation. In addition to daily religious services, St Mary Abbots also hosts study courses and Quiet Days, which offer a way for parishioners to take some time out of their busy lives for a day of peaceful contemplation.

Children are central to life at St Mary Abbots. The church has a dedicated Children’s Advocate and offers Holy Baptism, Sunday School and a playgroup for preschool children. St Mary Abbots is also closely linked with one of the country’s leading primary schools, St Mary Abbots Primary School, and its students are closely involved with the day-to-day activities of the church.

The church also has close ties with The Royal College of Music, which regularly holds free recitals in St Mary Abbots’ beautiful nave. The renovations we are proposing as part of this fundraising project will allow us to expand this programme and provide better facilities for the musicians and a more comfortable venue for our parishioners.

We want to ensure that St Mary Abbots to continue to be a safe, open and inspirational hub for the local community for generations to come. We are so pleased that this fundraising effort is not only supported by a number of prominent parishioners and public figures, but also the men, women and children who pray, play and learn each day at St Mary Abbots.