The Appeal

What we want to accomplish

Churches exist to inspire and challenge us with the glory and presence of God through worship and prayer – but they must also seek every possible way of serving the needs of their community. The proposals are in line with a regular process of upgrading the church since it was built.The church is continually in demand as a venue for a wide range of concerts and performances, being situated close to some of London’s greatest music and art colleges. However, reluctantly, we have to refuse the majority of such requests. The building simply does not have the facilities to accommodate them.

Moreover, despite its size, there is no open floor space –we cannot accommodate any musical group larger than 20 players, or display any form of exhibition. The fixed furnishings and decoration, though splendid for traditional, static services, do not lend themselves to flexibility or accommodating new events and activities. Additionally, the numerous steps within the church need to be made more accessible for those with impaired mobility or visibility, with better lighting and signage.

Fit for purpose in the 21st century.

Our Masterplan addresses all these issues. 
It proposes:

  • Critical work on the building, reinforcing the church’s structure and durability
  • Incorporating exciting new facilities and features that will make St Mary Abbots fit for a far wider range of spiritual activities, as well as a place of music, celebration and community, to make our great church more accessible to many more people
  • A complete refurbishment of the entire church, making all necessary replacements and upgrades
  • To retain and renew the Victorian splendour, reinforcing the historic significance of St Mary Abbots
  • Realising this plan will take time and, of course, money. But on completion, it will ensure that we can properly meet the needs of our community in the very heart of Kensington, creating a place fit for 21st century life and worship.

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Amount Raised: £706,000
Target Amount: £7,860,000

Phase 1

(Completed Dec 15)




Chapel & High Alter Restoration


Roof Repairs


Phase 2


Kitchen & Toilet Extension


Western Bay Narthex


Inner Glass Porch